PREDSTORM is our real-time solar wind forecast for the Sun-Earth L1 point. It is updated every 30 minutes, and uses data from STEREO-A, or, if they are not available in sufficient quality, data from the previous solar rotation from about 27 days ago, which is known as a recurrence model. Both plots show the same data and forecast.
Please see Bailey et al. (2020) for a verification study of this method when using STEREO-A data, akin to using data from a potential spacecraft mission to the Lagrange 5 point of the Sun-Earth system. Work on a live forecast verification is underway.

Please note: Currently, this forecast only works for high-speed solar wind streams, and will fail during times when solar storms, also known as coronal mass ejections, impact the Earth's magnetic field.

The data shown in the plots are available in ASCII format in a 1 hour time resolution and 1 min time resolution.

We take no responsibility or liability for the frequency of provision or accuracy of our forecasts, and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with using the provided information.