All non peer-reviewed and published team publications on ADS since 2018.

Upcoming conferences and workshops

Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Heliophysics (April 19–21 2023), Sofia, Bulgaria

Submitted abstracts:

Bauer, M. et al., Automated CME detection and tracking in HI

Rüdisser, H. T. et al., Automatic Detection of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections

European General Assembly (23–28 April 2023), Vienna, Austria

Submitted abstracts:

Möstl, C. et al., Forecasting southward pointing magnetic fields in solar coronal mass ejections, ST1.6

Amerstorfer, U. V. et al., Short term forecast of CME flux rope signatures using 3DCORE, ST4.1

Rüdisser, H. T. et al., Automatic Detection of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections in Solar Wind in Situ Data, ESSI1.3

Amerstorfer, T. et al., CME real time prediction using HI beacon data confined by a Solar Orbiter arrival, ST4.1

Bauer, M. et al., Predicting CMEs Using ELEvoHI With STEREO-HI Beacon Data, ST4.1

Bailey, R. L. et al., Analysis of six years of GIC measurements in the Austria power grid, EMRP2.13

Davies, E. E. et al., The effect of magnetic reconnection on ICME-related GCR modulation, ST1.10

Sessions convening:

Amerstorfer, U. V., Rüdisser, H., ESSI1.3, Machine Learning in Planetary Sciences and Heliophysics

Bailey, R. L., EMRP2.13, Modelling and measuring Geomagnetically Induced Currents in grounded infrastructure

Amerstorfer, T., ST4.1, Space Weather Prediction of Solar Wind Transients in the Heliosphere

ICTP-SCOSTEP-ISWI School and Workshop on the Predictability of the Solar-Terrestrial Coupling - PRESTO (29 May–2 June 2023), Trieste, Italy

Submitted abstracts:

Amerstorfer, T., Status and future outlook on predicting space weather from Sun to Earth, (invited)

Conference contributions

PUNCH winter telecon (23 Januar 2023), online

Möstl, C., Synergies between PUNCH and SOLO/HI

AGU Fall Meeting (12–16 December 2022), Chicago, USA

Möstl, C., Weiss, A., Amerstorfer, U. V., Rüdisser, H. T., Amerstorfer, T., Bauer, M., Bailey, R. L., Reiss, M. A., Barnes, D., Davies, J. A., Harrison, R. A., Davies, E., Laker, R., Horbury, T. S., Heyner, D. and Bale, S., Multipoint In Situ and Imaging Observations of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections with Solar Orbiter, BepiColombo, Parker Solar Probe, Wind, and STEREO-A

Reiss, M., Multi-spacecraft observations for enabling breakthroughs in space weather forecasting

Bailey, R. L., Möstl, C., Reiss, M. A., Weiss, A., Amerstorfer, U. V., Amerstorfer, T., Eastwood, J., Leonhardt, J. and Magnes, W. The geomagnetic Vigil: How useful are Measurements at L5 for forecasting a Geomagnetic Index like Dst?

Weiss, A., Nieves-Chinchilla, T., Möstl, C., Reiss, C., Amerstorfer, T. and Bailey, R. L., Writhed Magnetic Flux Rope Model

Rüdisser, H., Reiss, M., Möstl, C., Amerstorfer, T., Amerstorfer, U. V., Weiss, A., Bailey, R., Windisch, A., Hinterreiter, J., Gonzi, S. and Jackson, D. Machine Learning for solving the Bz Problem in Space Weather Forecasting

European Space Weather Week (24–28 October 2022), Zagreb, Croatia

Möstl, C., Weiss,A. J., Bailey, R. L., Reiss, M. A., Amerstorfer, T., Amerstorfer, U. V., Bauer, M., Rüdisser, H. T., Barnes, D., Davies, J. A., Harrison, R. A., Laker, R., Horbury, T., Heyner, D., Bale, S. Predicting the Bz magnetic field component in solar coronal mass ejections

Rüdisser, H. T., Windisch, A. , Amerstorfer, U. V., Möstl, C., Bailey, R. L., Amerstorfer, T., Automatic Detection of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections in Solar Wind In Situ Data

Bailey, R. L., Leonhardt, R., Achleitner, G., Albert, D., Amerstorfer, T., Beck, P., Krauss, S., Latocha, M., Möstl, C., Nakamura, R., Reiss, M., Schachinger, P., Schönhuber, M., Schweitzer, S., Temmer, M., Veronig, A., SWAP: Establishing a network of space weather researchers and stakeholders in Austria

Reiss, M. A., Möstl, C., Bailey, R. L., Rüdisser, H., Amerstorfer, U. V., Amerstorfer, T., Weiss, A., Hinterreiter, J., and Windisch, A., Can Machine Learning solve the „Bz Problem” in Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections?

Session convening:
Gonzi, S., Pizzo, V., Adamson, E., Yordanova, E., Bailey, R. L., Session CD5: The Ensemble Method in Space Weather Forecasting: bridging the gap between expectation and reality (part 1)

Europlanet Science Congress (18–23 September 2022), Granada, Spain

Amerstorfer, T., Bauer, M., Möstl, C., Barnard, L., Riley, P., Weiss, A. J., and Reiss, M. A., Morphological reconstruction of a multiple detected coronal mass ejection

Rüdisser, H. T., Windisch, A., Amerstorfer, U. V., Pisa, D., and Soucek, J., Automatic Detection and Classification of Boundary Crossings in Spacecraft in situ Data

Session convening:
Amerstorfer, U. V., Julka, S., Rüdisser, H. T., D'Amore, M., Rossi, A. P., Machine Learning in Planetary Sciences

Julka, S., Amerstorfer, U. V., Image Segmentation in planetary applications

Rüdisser, H., Soucek, J., Amerstorfer, U. V., Machine Learning Pipeline for Automated Detection of Magnetospheric Boundaries

Nodjoumi, G., Le Corre, D., Amerstorfer, U. V., MAPS and DeepLandforms: Open Source tools for landforms detection

European Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining (18–23 September 2022), Grenoble, France

Julka, S., Kirschstein, N., Granitzer, M., Lavrukhin, A., Amerstorfer, U. V., Deep Active Learning for Detection of Mercury’s Bow Shock and Magnetopause Crossings